There’s no glamourous way to put it, and it pains me to say, that socks and sandals, are “in”. By “in” I mean that there seems to be members of the fashion fraternity that insist that this is an emerging trend that should be adapted from the runways. Let’s just make it clear that I am not one of these people. But when perennial fashion go-to makes a post like this, one feels obliged to take notice. I scrolled through the images and for a split second I considered the possibility. I looked at my own sandal-bearing feet and asked myself: is something missing? Only a further second after this did I screw my face in distaste and anger for even contemplating wearing such an atrocious combination on my feet. There is limited logic in the combination. If you need to wear socks under your sandals then its obviously too cold out to wear sandals in the first place. This is why they created boots, brogues, slip-ons – pretty much every other style of shoe that doesn’t constitute a sandal or thong (flip-flop for those abroad).

But the socks and sandals trend isn’t a stand alone. Remember the Furkenstocks? Almost impossible to forget. But what about trends that are less easily recognised? Like this one.

Remember how much you mentally criticised that guy who sat next to you on train, wearing his blue baggy denim and joggers? When did it become ok to wear jeans and jogs? In my opinion, the answer is still never but others would surely beg to differ. What I’m sensing from these (bad) trends is that there is a double standard for fashionistas. If you can claim a trend in the spirit of ‘fashion’ does that make it ok? For the most it seems the response is yes. Individual taste aside, sometimes I think it’s best if we rebel against the masses and stay true to ourselves. It’s pointless trying a trend that doesn’t play into your dressing aesthetic just for the sake of it. A trend merely existing is not reason enough (for me at least) for it to be openly accepted. Trends should go under careful evaluation before being truly embraced.


The Tall

What are some trends you don’t want to embrace?

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In the Navy


Forget black. He’s old news. Every winter he tries to crawl back into your life after months without even so much as a call. Yes, he may make you feel good on days when you’re feeling flat and have nothing else to turn to. But that’s exactly what he is, isn’t he? A safety-blanket for times when you’re feeling a little confused and have nothing else to turn to.

Let me introduce you to navy. You see, navy will be with you all year round. Just like black he goes along with everything in your wardrobe, even black. That’s right. You heard me. Even black! There’s nothing wrong with a little two-timing every now and again. Variety is the spice of life right?

Now, back to navy. Navy is the nice guy who always drapes himself around your shoulders when you’re cold. He’s also super attractive so will always make a fine companion for any occasion (because that’s what’s important in a man). Even with the most simple of looks, he will make you feel just a little more special. You don’t want to be predictable.

Feel like we’ve described your soul mate? Then navy is your man.

If you’re scared to make the first move, here’s some inspiration that will hopefully give you some courage.

navy 5 See how sleek he is?
navy 2And versatile…

navy 3

And looks awesome with black…navy 6Even spontaneous and fun!

navy 4

And he likes to talk for hours…

The Short
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Style Icon – Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill-4568
Taylor Tomasi Hill might just have some of the best hair in the industry. Not only is it an amazing fiery red, but it looks flawless straight, curly, wavy, up, down, whatever which way she wants to spin it. It’s an accessory in itself.

For those of you who don’t know, Tay Tay (you know we like to give our icons nicknames) was until a month ago the creative director at online retailer Moda Operandi and also a former accessories editor for Marie Claire. She has now gone out on her own to create a small-scale “floral arrangement business” (they’re called florists babe) called TTH Blooms.

In terms of style, she really is the definition of a chameleon. She’ll try just about any colour, silhouette and rock it with her nonchalant charm that is confident, yet humble. She has an air of creativity and spirit with her playful take on fashion that we really admire. She also knows how to twist a classic on its head and reinvent everything you thought you know.

Here’s some of my favourites.
tumblr_mfa8nnxW291rbqfkqo1_1280A great combination of textures here with (what looks like) silk organza and structured leather.
taylorcmbag1This girl is great at mixing her prints. One look, three prints, plus fur = winner. And I love the idea of a tailored capri pant.
DSC_3567cNow I really hate denim cut-offs. Like, really really hate. For some reason, the proportions of this look are just so right. It almost hurts me to like this look so much.
TTT-2Finally, I love the perceived simplicity of this look, but then there’s actually so much more than meets the eye. Look closely.


The Tall

White Noise

To say we’re busy might be an understatement, but being busy is never an excuse to not look chic 24/7. Whilst we try our darnedest, lust haves always end up looking better. Sigh.

10th march

J.W. Anderson Crepe Wide-leg Culottes
Proenza Schouler Cropped Top
Gianvito Rossi Black Strap Pumps
Alexander Wang Prisma Skeletal Pouch Peroxide Rhodium
Alexis Bittar Clear Lucite Jewelled Bracelet

The Tall

Clean Up in Aisle C


Giant icebergs. Underwater kingdoms. Drive-in movies. Interactive art galleries.

Karl definitely knows how to bring the wow factor, and it aint just about the clothes, far from it. Last night at the Chanel A/W 14 show the Grand Palais was transformed into the world’s most luxurious grocery store. It was an explosion of colour and bad acting on behalf of the models as they imagined what it’s like to browse a supermarket. I’m just playing, I have no idea what models get up to in their day to day lives. article-2572888-1C07B31500000578-24_964x619

The concept is undoubtedly creative, and Karl is a clever task-master. But behind the flashly lights, novelty props and Kendall Jenner have we forgotten what is actually the crux of this fashion show? Because not one report I have seen has mentioned the clothes themselves. If the collection was shot against a plain background as a lookbook what would the response be? Let’s see. Dad sneakers and knee high joggers? No thanks. A hot pink tracksuit littered with cut outs? Now I really do feel like I’m at the local supermarket. But hang on, it’s not all bad.

chanel show

There are plenty of glimpses of the Chanel aesthetic, pieces that are lavish in detail, embroidery and design, but still paired with bulky trainers, and in sports-luxe silhouettes. In context, it works. “If you want to look really ridiculous, you go in stilettos in a supermarket” says Karl. With no disrespect to Karl, I sometimes enjoy going to the supermarket in heels but as always, I digress. I do question however, the extent to which the show is purely a creative endeavour or more so a publicity stunt. I dare say, the purpose was to be both. But does Chanel, one of the largest, most renown luxury brands there is need this kind of show to create publicity? The answer is no. This show in some way directs me towards the notion of the brand becoming increasingly commercialised and even somewhat comical. We must remember that what we see on the runways travels down into our high-street boutiques which means that before we know it, everyone will be wearing cut-out tracksuits.



In all the theatrics I feel we have lost sight of what really matters here and that is the integrity of the clothes. We are blinded by the big Chanel logo plastered across everything, because we are programmed to think when it says Chanel, it means its amazing. But in reality, a brand can sometimes become bigger than what it stands for, which means we lose sight of the actual product and focus too much on the projection.

The Tall & The Short

PS: Told y’all designer is acceptable at the supermarket!

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