There’s no glamourous way to put it, and it pains me to say, that socks and sandals, are “in”. By “in” I mean that there seems to be members of the fashion fraternity that insist that this is an emerging trend that should be adapted from the runways. Let’s just make it clear that I am not one of these people. But when perennial fashion go-to makes a post like this, one feels obliged to take notice. I scrolled through the images and for a split second I considered the possibility. I looked at my own sandal-bearing feet and asked myself: is something missing? Only a further second after this did I screw my face in distaste and anger for even contemplating wearing such an atrocious combination on my feet. There is limited logic in the combination. If you need to wear socks under your sandals then its obviously too cold out to wear sandals in the first place. This is why they created boots, brogues, slip-ons – pretty much every other style of shoe that doesn’t constitute a sandal or thong (flip-flop for those abroad).

But the socks and sandals trend isn’t a stand alone. Remember the Furkenstocks? Almost impossible to forget. But what about trends that are less easily recognised? Like this one.

Remember how much you mentally criticised that guy who sat next to you on train, wearing his blue baggy denim and joggers? When did it become ok to wear jeans and jogs? In my opinion, the answer is still never but others would surely beg to differ. What I’m sensing from these (bad) trends is that there is a double standard for fashionistas. If you can claim a trend in the spirit of ‘fashion’ does that make it ok? For the most it seems the response is yes. Individual taste aside, sometimes I think it’s best if we rebel against the masses and stay true to ourselves. It’s pointless trying a trend that doesn’t play into your dressing aesthetic just for the sake of it. A trend merely existing is not reason enough (for me at least) for it to be openly accepted. Trends should go under careful evaluation before being truly embraced.


The Tall

What are some trends you don’t want to embrace?

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In the Navy


Forget black. He’s old news. Every winter he tries to crawl back into your life after months without even so much as a call. Yes, he may make you feel good on days when you’re feeling flat and have nothing else to turn to. But that’s exactly what he is, isn’t he? A safety-blanket for times when you’re feeling a little confused and have nothing else to turn to.

Let me introduce you to navy. You see, navy will be with you all year round. Just like black he goes along with everything in your wardrobe, even black. That’s right. You heard me. Even black! There’s nothing wrong with a little two-timing every now and again. Variety is the spice of life right?

Now, back to navy. Navy is the nice guy who always drapes himself around your shoulders when you’re cold. He’s also super attractive so will always make a fine companion for any occasion (because that’s what’s important in a man). Even with the most simple of looks, he will make you feel just a little more special. You don’t want to be predictable.

Feel like we’ve described your soul mate? Then navy is your man.

If you’re scared to make the first move, here’s some inspiration that will hopefully give you some courage.

navy 5 See how sleek he is?
navy 2And versatile…

navy 3

And looks awesome with black…navy 6Even spontaneous and fun!

navy 4

And he likes to talk for hours…

The Short
Image Credit: Runway – via; Editorial – Elle Canada October 2013, Jean Claude Lussier; Elle UK November 2013, David Vasiljevic; Street style – via Harper’s Bazaar US,,,

Wrap Me Up

It’s 30 degrees in Melbourne this week, so let’s talk coats. It’s probably the last thing you can imagine yourself wearing right now, unless you’re like me and live in a house where the air conditioning is on full blast all the time and it becomes an icebox. Then you take the thought into serious consideration before deciding that its summer so its still just wrong. However, our friends state side are thinking very differently. In the midst of New York fashion week its raining, its snowing and just bloody freezing (by the looks of it anyway).


But us fashion faithful are strong and nonetheless we carry on (I talk as if I’m there, tackling the cold with them when in actual fact I’m sitting out in the sunshine in a t-shirt with an icy cold beverage). As always, I digress. I want to talk about coats because the coats popping up on the runway this week are pretty damn awesome. It also means that my winter wish list is growing in size and budget. Probably my favourite coat trend I’ve seen so far is the oversized and in some cases almost blanket style.

blanket coats L-R: Zimmermann, Altuzarra, The Row, Derek Lam, Thakoon.

Don’t you just want to wrap yourself up in one (or all) of those? What I really love though is how effortless they look. No fuss, just an easygoing comfortable silhouette that will really suit any body shape depending how you style it. With a knee-length or midi skirt you can make this arguably unflattering style super feminine.

Then there are the more tailored styles that are so chic you can’t really ignore them. While probably not as comfortable (because you’re not wearing a giant blanket over your shoulders) a good tailored coat is the perfect mix of business and pleasure.

tailored coats L-R: Yigal Azrouel, Victoria Beckham, Theory, Rag & Bone, Jason Wu

Do you see my dilemma now? Because you couldn’t possible just pick one. Luckily we Aussies have several months to think it over.

Until next time,
The Tall

Man, I Feel Like A Woman


I don’t know about you but I’m a big believer in dressing for no-one but yourself. You’ll be your most confident, amazing self when you feel like you, not when you try something that doesn’t feel just right just to impress another. This attitude to dressing gives you free reign to be who you want. But with so much freedom, there comes a choice. Do I dress like a man or a woman today? Now calm yourselves, I’m not a cross dresser. Stay with me.

Dressing in a masculine way can sometimes be equally as empowering as dressing ultra feminine. Man style dressing implies a certain nonchalance that can be lost in the cliche of being feminine. I’m not saying you need to go out and buy a suit and tie and give that full skirt to charity. I just think you can redefine femininity by incorporating a menswear aesthetic into your dressing.

Let’s assess the spectrum.


There are so many different levels you can take your style to in regards to this trend. You can completely ignore it, take cues from both sides, or wholeheartedly embrace it. Either way, you’re sure to garner some level of cool. However which take is best? I know from experience that going full throttle is by far the most comfortable. Flat shoes, baggy trousers, oversized shirts. Nothing clinging to you, nothing digging in, the soles of your feet smiling up at you. You achieve that effortlessly cool look whilst being comfortable and not being objectified by men because they can’t see nothing (suckers!). You can just go about your business feeling awesome.


But then some days I just want to sashay around in a flowing skirt without a care in the world and embrace being a woman, wearing lace, floral prints, heels, makeup, you name it. You’ll feel pretty on these days and you will attract attention because you look so god damn beautiful! Now there’s nothing wrong with that. But not everyday calls for this amount of joyousness. I know that sounds pessimistic but lets be real. Some days you need to wear the pants.


Then last but not least there is that marvellous in between. You’ll leave both your female and male counterparts thinking how she do dat?! Your man friends won’t know what hit them. They’ll get confused because they’ll be thinking, damn she looks fine but she’s not wearing a body con dress and if there’s no body con then that’s not sexy but somehow it is… See? How she do dat. I think the in between stage is when you’ll feel your most fierce because you get the satisfaction from feeling like a man and a woman all at once. Confidence, elegance, power and coolness. A sure fire combination to success.


Maybe, it just depends on the day. But wear it because you want to. Not because you think you need to. Trust me. You’ll start feeling more and more like you every day of the week and there is nothing more empowering than that. Apart from a Beyonce track.


The Tall

Image sources: Paris Vogue, Tommy Ton for, The Sartorialist, Candice Lake, Vogue Australia

What the Furkenstock?

tommy ton

There are shoes. There are great shoes. But then there are ugly shoes, really ugly shoes. They are the shoes that make you question your beliefs, your hopes, your dreams, because you wonder if shoes like this exist, what am I really doing here?

Sound melodramatic? That was my intention because I want you all to understand how enraged I am by ugly shoes. There are some in particular that infuriate me more than others but I will admit there are many factors at play that impact the way an ugly shoe can be perceived.

Take for example of the Celine ‘Furkenstocks’, the mink lined Birkenstock hybrid from the 2012 runway. The name alone makes me shiver. Ms. Philo you’ve done so much good, why did you stoop to this low? Now to play devil’s advocate (because only the devil could like something quite so aghast) I’m sure they are really comfortable. Like running your toes over a cute little furry mammal. Think about that for a minute. Now attach them to your feet and walk around in them. Something just isn’t right.
Now the image above paints these shoes in an interesting light. They almost don’t look hideous. Good photography, a creative outfit, a European cobblestone road, black town cars – all the components of a winning look. But then really consider the shoes. Lets just say if you like to look like you have fur growing from the soles of your feet we’ve got bigger problems.

So the Furkenstocks are ugly. We’ve established that. But they’re not my ultimate foe. When it comes to ugly shoes flatforms win the crown. I cringe when I read that chunky shoes are still on trend over dainty, delicate stilettos. There ain’t nothing flattering about a flatform.

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If you look at the images I’ve collected of flatform wearing beauties you might think, what’s so wrong about these? But then just imagine these looks with a delicate, simple dainty heel and how much better that would look.

The flatform is at its worst when worn incorrectly. With your cotton crop top and denim cut offs? Please no. I can’t even think of a look that they are actually appropriate for. Hence the principle of this article: for every ugly shoe, there is a better shoe, so for the love of god wear it.

Don’t get me wrong. There is always someone out there that can make an ugly shoe look damn fine and make me question every thing I’ve just said, but for the most of the time an ugly shoe is just that, an ugly shoe. And ugly shoes should have no place in this world.

So for your viewing pleasure I’ve assembled a quick slideshow of ugly shoes that are so bad they don’t deserve a formal mention.

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The Tall

P.S. If I see you wearing those flatform sandals with the tassels on them don’t come near me because by the time were finished speaking those tassels will be long gone. Don’t ask how, just trust me.

You may disagree with all of the above and that’s ok! Convince us otherwise by commenting.

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