Style Icon – Yasmin Sewell


I bet you didn’t know that Yasmin Sewell was one of us! Yes, a sizzling brunette, well-dressed, impeccable taste, and did I mention beautiful? Just kidding. You might not have picked it, but Yasmin is actually Australian. She moved to London when she was 20 to follow the pursuits of her heart and has since built an amazing career. In her younger years she was a buyer for multiple department stores in London and has since become a consultant which allows her to utilise her talents on a brevity of projects. Yazz is another amazing woman in fashion accomplishing so much more than her street style fame would lead you to believe. Now for the reasons why we love her style.


You know how much we love a full skirt, and Yasmin seems to rock them no matter the shape, colour, length. She manages to keep the feminine silhouette fresh and edgy with her choice of top.

Boyfriend blazer? Tick. Boyfriend jeans? Tick. Effortless, you bet. She’s great at rocking masculine pieces in a way that’s still cool and flattering.

Yasmin Sewell at Rochas FW2014 - 2

Her selection of super chic coats is highly enviable. She uses them as a way to complete a look, not just keep her warm.

We also kinda think her and Steph could be sisters… Here’s to wishful thinking.

The Tall and the Short


Style Icon – Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill-4568
Taylor Tomasi Hill might just have some of the best hair in the industry. Not only is it an amazing fiery red, but it looks flawless straight, curly, wavy, up, down, whatever which way she wants to spin it. It’s an accessory in itself.

For those of you who don’t know, Tay Tay (you know we like to give our icons nicknames) was until a month ago the creative director at online retailer Moda Operandi and also a former accessories editor for Marie Claire. She has now gone out on her own to create a small-scale “floral arrangement business” (they’re called florists babe) called TTH Blooms.

In terms of style, she really is the definition of a chameleon. She’ll try just about any colour, silhouette and rock it with her nonchalant charm that is confident, yet humble. She has an air of creativity and spirit with her playful take on fashion that we really admire. She also knows how to twist a classic on its head and reinvent everything you thought you know.

Here’s some of my favourites.
tumblr_mfa8nnxW291rbqfkqo1_1280A great combination of textures here with (what looks like) silk organza and structured leather.
taylorcmbag1This girl is great at mixing her prints. One look, three prints, plus fur = winner. And I love the idea of a tailored capri pant.
DSC_3567cNow I really hate denim cut-offs. Like, really really hate. For some reason, the proportions of this look are just so right. It almost hurts me to like this look so much.
TTT-2Finally, I love the perceived simplicity of this look, but then there’s actually so much more than meets the eye. Look closely.


The Tall

Style Icon – Giovanna Battaglia


Signs that you’re killing it at life:
  • Editor of L’uomo Vogue (which means sexy male models all day long) AND a contributing fashion editor of W Mag ✓
  • Dating Carine Roitfeld’s son (which means she’s related to Carine Roitfeld, which is awesome) ✓
  • Former Dolce and Gabbana model (which means she’s dead sexy – duh!) ✓
  • Besties with Anna Dello Russo (which means cool factor x2)
Why Giovanna gets us a little excited:
  1. She is the queen of colour coordination. Even her more colourful outfits don’t look overdone or cluttered.
  2. The woman knows how to accessorise. She manages to not only pull off, but rock fun accessories whilst not distracting from the clothes on her body.
  3. Not too sure if this is just me projecting my insecurities, but those long limbs. My god! (Don’t worry Steph, even us taller ladies envy those with long limbs.)
  4. She never wears pants. Now I have nothing against pants, we both love pants as a matter of fact, but it’s just ultra feminine way of dressing that I dream about)
  5. She is just ridiculously photogenic. Maybe even more so than this handsome homeless man:


Ok, now for some of our favourite Gio looks (we call her Gio, coz she’s like our bestest bud of course).


Proof that a blouse and pencil skirt combo does not have to be boring!


This reminds me of an outfit I wore to a toga party once. She definitely does it a bit more justice.

NYFW-New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_2014-Street_Style-Say_Cheese-Collage_Vintage-Giovanna_BI fu**ing love shirt dresses. Not enough people wear shirt dresses, or shirts for that matter. They’ve lasted the test of time in fashion as a staple for a reason.

Now don’t cry, just borrow some ideas.

The Short (with special comments from The Tall)

Style Icon – Caroline Issa


Caroline Issa is most widely known as the fashion director of Tank magazine, but with her background in finance and marketing she also works heavily in the business side of things. In short, she’s a fashion powerhouse. An elegant mixture of creative and business savvy, Issa is the kind of woman we should aspire to. She understands the industry in a way that is realistic and innovative. Career envy aside, her unique perspective is not the only thing that I love about her. Her style is practical but experimental. It’s also very easy to draw inspiration from as it is relatable and understated. The best part is that you can never pick what year her looks are from. Every look has a timeless quality that is rare in this fast-paced era of fashion. Here are some of my favourite looks.

caroline-issa-zanotti-shoesThe chicness here is too much to bear. This look’s muted colour palette is effortless and is a perfect example of a look you could recreate yourself.

12-caroline-issa-new-york-str-rs14-5346Another example of her rocking a pair of 7/8s. She works prints in a really seamless way, that is simple but still eye-catching and intriguing.
Caroline Issa Could you pull off a giant army green fur coat that is giving me flash backs to Oscar the Grouch? Highly unlikely (no offence) but Issa does so without a hitch. This demonstrates her keen and creative eye and also shows that she knows when to work it and when to play it safe.
caroline-issa-122710Finally, the layering in this look is amazing. The variation in not only colour but texture is so creative. It makes me wish I had a powder blue metallic biker jacket, something I never really thought I’d say…

Wanna learn a little bit more about this amazing woman? Have a read of this awesome interview with Garance Dore. Or watch this interview with Yasmin Sewell.

The Tall

Style Icon – Miroslava Duma

Pint-sized fashion consultant Miroslava is one quarter of a troupe of glamourous it-girls donned the “Russian Mafia.” The only thing they’re hitting is the front row of fashion week & any appearance worthy events. Doing wonders for the recent fashion revolution within Russia, she can be seen fraternising with all of the big wigs from the industry proving that good things do indeed come in small packages.


Things I love about Miroslava:

  1. First and foremost, she’s doing wonders for the reputation of us little ones within the fashion industry. It’s not easy to be a shorty and still look farbulous next to a towering model.
  2. She manages to nail the line between not-sure-what-gender-you-are-tomboy & you-look-like-a-toilet-cosy-princess with every outfit she pulls together.
  3. None of her outfits are too contrived, they work together effortlessly. She is fashion forward without the envoking open mouthed stares of “what the f*** are you wearing?”
  4. Flat shoes do not exist within her vocabulary. Another relatable attribute.
  5. We have a shared understanding of the elegance a simple, yet often neglected, point heel can lend to an outfit. Your shoes really don’t need to have a million bells and whistles and if they do, they’re probably not shoes.
  6. She is elegant as sh**! Her outfits scream sexy without showing too much skin.



Lezbehonest, the lady seriously knows how to rock a pant suit.




The Short