Style Icon – Yasmin Sewell


I bet you didn’t know that Yasmin Sewell was one of us! Yes, a sizzling brunette, well-dressed, impeccable taste, and did I mention beautiful? Just kidding. You might not have picked it, but Yasmin is actually Australian. She moved to London when she was 20 to follow the pursuits of her heart and has since built an amazing career. In her younger years she was a buyer for multiple department stores in London and has since become a consultant which allows her to utilise her talents on a brevity of projects. Yazz is another amazing woman in fashion accomplishing so much more than her street style fame would lead you to believe. Now for the reasons why we love her style.


You know how much we love a full skirt, and Yasmin seems to rock them no matter the shape, colour, length. She manages to keep the feminine silhouette fresh and edgy with her choice of top.

Boyfriend blazer? Tick. Boyfriend jeans? Tick. Effortless, you bet. She’s great at rocking masculine pieces in a way that’s still cool and flattering.

Yasmin Sewell at Rochas FW2014 - 2

Her selection of super chic coats is highly enviable. She uses them as a way to complete a look, not just keep her warm.

We also kinda think her and Steph could be sisters… Here’s to wishful thinking.

The Tall and the Short