#BlogTour – Our Writing Process


Our new found friend Thalia has invited us to go on a whirlwind tour with her. When she first mentioned it we thought she was inviting us to England and we started shopping for coats but we soon realised that this was not the case. She just wanted us to talk a little bit about our writing process which, let’s be completely honest, is not as exciting as a trip to England but let’s make it work.

What are we working on?

Apart from uni assignments (boring!) we are always working on new and creative ideas for the blog. We try to keep our content lively, interesting and timely – to the best of our ability anyway. At the moment we have a few articles in our drafts, some about colour trends, more about ugly trends, fashion advertising and we are also working on an idea to present our wardrobe essentials to you. Most of the time we working on things a little sporadically and they always come together when it needs to.

How does our work differ from others in our genre?

We try to really inject our writing with personal anecdotes or humour. We don’t think this happens often in fashion writing. Our motto is that you should never take fashion too seriously so there would be irony if our writing was overly serious. We also thing that a humorous take on fashion can make it more inviting and more accessible. We aren’t a blog that strives to reach a niche audience, we want everyone and anyone to have a read, consider the ideas we discuss and engage at some level be it through rampant disagreement or an enlightened perspective. I think this also allows our writing to be broad and honest, because it is not highly constructed to suit the demands of an audience.

Why do we write what we do?

In simplistic terms, we write what we do because it interests us. The creation of our blog was always based on the fact that we wanted a blog that catered to what we were interested in, not just post after post of personal style, but a forum that considers trends and “social” issues in fashion as well. This is why we write humorous and varied styles of posts, to address the multifaceted desires of our brains.

How does our writing process go?

Majority of our posts are written independently and then finalised by the other. We will always share ideas and bit-sized pieces of words to gage whether or not we have achieved what we set out to achieve. We like to give each other a bit of creative licence but also want to produce reasonably high quality copy, so that is why we always collaborate.

We hope this has given you a little insight into how we write and construct our blog.

We’ve asked the lovely Tarah to continue the #blogtour.

The Tall and The Short


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