There’s no glamourous way to put it, and it pains me to say, that socks and sandals, are “in”. By “in” I mean that there seems to be members of the fashion fraternity that insist that this is an emerging trend that should be adapted from the runways. Let’s just make it clear that I am not one of these people. But when perennial fashion go-to makes a post like this, one feels obliged to take notice. I scrolled through the images and for a split second I considered the possibility. I looked at my own sandal-bearing feet and asked myself: is something missing? Only a further second after this did I screw my face in distaste and anger for even contemplating wearing such an atrocious combination on my feet. There is limited logic in the combination. If you need to wear socks under your sandals then its obviously too cold out to wear sandals in the first place. This is why they created boots, brogues, slip-ons – pretty much every other style of shoe that doesn’t constitute a sandal or thong (flip-flop for those abroad).

But the socks and sandals trend isn’t a stand alone. Remember the Furkenstocks? Almost impossible to forget. But what about trends that are less easily recognised? Like this one.

Remember how much you mentally criticised that guy who sat next to you on train, wearing his blue baggy denim and joggers? When did it become ok to wear jeans and jogs? In my opinion, the answer is still never but others would surely beg to differ. What I’m sensing from these (bad) trends is that there is a double standard for fashionistas. If you can claim a trend in the spirit of ‘fashion’ does that make it ok? For the most it seems the response is yes. Individual taste aside, sometimes I think it’s best if we rebel against the masses and stay true to ourselves. It’s pointless trying a trend that doesn’t play into your dressing aesthetic just for the sake of it. A trend merely existing is not reason enough (for me at least) for it to be openly accepted. Trends should go under careful evaluation before being truly embraced.


The Tall

What are some trends you don’t want to embrace?

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