In the Navy


Forget black. He’s old news. Every winter he tries to crawl back into your life after months without even so much as a call. Yes, he may make you feel good on days when you’re feeling flat and have nothing else to turn to. But that’s exactly what he is, isn’t he? A safety-blanket for times when you’re feeling a little confused and have nothing else to turn to.

Let me introduce you to navy. You see, navy will be with you all year round. Just like black he goes along with everything in your wardrobe, even black. That’s right. You heard me. Even black! There’s nothing wrong with a little two-timing every now and again. Variety is the spice of life right?

Now, back to navy. Navy is the nice guy who always drapes himself around your shoulders when you’re cold. He’s also super attractive so will always make a fine companion for any occasion (because that’s what’s important in a man). Even with the most simple of looks, he will make you feel just a little more special. You don’t want to be predictable.

Feel like we’ve described your soul mate? Then navy is your man.

If you’re scared to make the first move, here’s some inspiration that will hopefully give you some courage.

navy 5 See how sleek he is?
navy 2And versatile…

navy 3

And looks awesome with black…navy 6Even spontaneous and fun!

navy 4

And he likes to talk for hours…

The Short
Image Credit: Runway – via; Editorial – Elle Canada October 2013, Jean Claude Lussier; Elle UK November 2013, David Vasiljevic; Street style – via Harper’s Bazaar US,,,


2 thoughts on “In the Navy

  1. I am a huge navy girl! It has all the sleekness of black and offers an instant boost to the complexion (especially for fair-skinned girls like me). Plus, it pairs perfectly with black. How can you go wrong? Gorgeous pics!

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