Style Icon – Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill-4568
Taylor Tomasi Hill might just have some of the best hair in the industry. Not only is it an amazing fiery red, but it looks flawless straight, curly, wavy, up, down, whatever which way she wants to spin it. It’s an accessory in itself.

For those of you who don’t know, Tay Tay (you know we like to give our icons nicknames) was until a month ago the creative director at online retailer Moda Operandi and also a former accessories editor for Marie Claire. She has now gone out on her own to create a small-scale “floral arrangement business” (they’re called florists babe) called TTH Blooms.

In terms of style, she really is the definition of a chameleon. She’ll try just about any colour, silhouette and rock it with her nonchalant charm that is confident, yet humble. She has an air of creativity and spirit with her playful take on fashion that we really admire. She also knows how to twist a classic on its head and reinvent everything you thought you know.

Here’s some of my favourites.
tumblr_mfa8nnxW291rbqfkqo1_1280A great combination of textures here with (what looks like) silk organza and structured leather.
taylorcmbag1This girl is great at mixing her prints. One look, three prints, plus fur = winner. And I love the idea of a tailored capri pant.
DSC_3567cNow I really hate denim cut-offs. Like, really really hate. For some reason, the proportions of this look are just so right. It almost hurts me to like this look so much.
TTT-2Finally, I love the perceived simplicity of this look, but then there’s actually so much more than meets the eye. Look closely.


The Tall


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