Style Icon – Giovanna Battaglia


Signs that you’re killing it at life:
  • Editor of L’uomo Vogue (which means sexy male models all day long) AND a contributing fashion editor of W Mag ✓
  • Dating Carine Roitfeld’s son (which means she’s related to Carine Roitfeld, which is awesome) ✓
  • Former Dolce and Gabbana model (which means she’s dead sexy – duh!) ✓
  • Besties with Anna Dello Russo (which means cool factor x2)
Why Giovanna gets us a little excited:
  1. She is the queen of colour coordination. Even her more colourful outfits don’t look overdone or cluttered.
  2. The woman knows how to accessorise. She manages to not only pull off, but rock fun accessories whilst not distracting from the clothes on her body.
  3. Not too sure if this is just me projecting my insecurities, but those long limbs. My god! (Don’t worry Steph, even us taller ladies envy those with long limbs.)
  4. She never wears pants. Now I have nothing against pants, we both love pants as a matter of fact, but it’s just ultra feminine way of dressing that I dream about)
  5. She is just ridiculously photogenic. Maybe even more so than this handsome homeless man:


Ok, now for some of our favourite Gio looks (we call her Gio, coz she’s like our bestest bud of course).


Proof that a blouse and pencil skirt combo does not have to be boring!


This reminds me of an outfit I wore to a toga party once. She definitely does it a bit more justice.

NYFW-New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_2014-Street_Style-Say_Cheese-Collage_Vintage-Giovanna_BI fu**ing love shirt dresses. Not enough people wear shirt dresses, or shirts for that matter. They’ve lasted the test of time in fashion as a staple for a reason.

Now don’t cry, just borrow some ideas.

The Short (with special comments from The Tall)


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