We’ve Been Liebstered


To say we were a little surprised to receive this nomination from the lovely ladies of WAiSTEDD might just be an understatement. Our little blog has barely been running for two months now and we are very honoured by the love and support we have received from countless friends, family and strangers. We love hearing from you and the feedback we are receiving is spurring us to keep bringing you creative, funny content. Before you cue the wrap up music and we pull out the tissues let’s get down to business.

For those of you who don’t know (basically us until yesterday), the Liebster award is a way for new and upcoming bloggers to share other new blogs they love with other bloggers. I’m going to say bloggers again. Bloggers. The concept is that we share 11 facts you didn’t know about us, answer 11 questions given by the nominator, and provide 5-10 nominees of our own, to which we give 11 questions. Here goes nothing.

Q&A Courtesy of WAiSTEDD (there were only 10 questions)
1. Where is your favorite place to shop?
A: I don’t think I have just one. Chadstone Shopping Centre is great because it’s kind of a one stop shop, everything from high-street to some of Australia’s best designers. But I also love boutiques like Green With Envy for lust-haves.
S: Zimmermann when I can afford it. I would sell my first born for a few items within their collection at the moment.

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A: Paris
S: Milan

3. What is your spirit animal?
A: I’m not that spiritual so I’m not 100% sure what this is but I’d go with a cat.
S: I have to agree with Ash on this one. If I embodied any animal, it would definitely be a cat. I’m very selective over when I want attention, can disappear for days at a time, love being patted and lounging around in the sun.

4. Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?
A: It’s not a who but street style for sure. Always scouring Tommy Ton and the Sartorialist for inspiration.
S: Once again, I have to agree with Ash on this one. Potentially my favourite thing about fashion is the way that runway trends are translated and adapted by mass market brands and people like you and I, whether we realise it or not.

5. What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?
A: I’m not crazy at all. Ask Steph…
S: I’ll take you scuba diving and sky diving one day 😉 Don’t you worry Ash.  OK, so I wouldn’t deem this as crazy, but I’ve always wanted to swim under a waterfall naked.
A: Why naked?
S: Because everything’s more fun naked…
A: Name one thing!
S: Eating donuts! Eating cake!

6. What is your guilty pleasure?
A: Watching TV with a tub of ice-cream and a spoon.
S: Laying in bed listening to the rain

7. Who is your style icon?
A: We’ve already kind of let this slip considering we do a Style Icons Series but for me it’s got to be Leandra.
S: Agreed, Man Repeller all the way. Wasn’t it Marilyn that said “if you can’t handle me in my harem pants, then you don’t deserve me in my body-con dress”.

8. Instagram or Twitter?
A: Instagram
S: Instagram, I’ve never understood the point of Twitter. I only figured out why it’s called Twitter a few weeks ago. Because a little bird told you, right?

9. What piece are your currently WAiSTEDD on?
A: Midi skirts
S: Slouchy cashmere or angora jumpers

10. What color defines you?
A: Navy blue
S: Black, like my soul

11 Fun Facts

1. We both work for the Australian label SABA
2. Steph has pug-jamas
3. Ashleigh is going to take over Vogue and potentially the world one day (that one was written by Steph)
4. Ashleigh is Steph’s official chauffeur
5. When Steph was a child, her family bought her a lamb that was “sent back to the farm” because the neighbours couldn’t handle the noise. They had roast lamb at her grandparents not long afterwards.
6. We have invented terms such as “tuxedo-pantsing” (the antithesis to man repelling)
7. Steph has a bookshelf full of shoes
8. Ashleigh is approximately 30cm taller than Steph
9. Ashleigh loves AFL almost as much as she loves fashion
10. You can’t lick your elbow! It’s literally impossible! That hasn’t stopped Steph from trying…
11. Steph has an imaginary pug

Blogs We Love
1. Scents and Sensible Style – This girl covers a little bit of everything.
2. Kitt Noir – A fun mixture of fashion, art and vintage cuteness.
3. Stalking Style Will Never End – Great curation of relatable street style looks.
4. Might-Should – These two are great for specific trend inspiration.
5. fashion galaxies xo – This lovely girl has given us so much love, and we want to give it straight back. Plus she’s got bangin’ British style.

Our Questions to our Nominees
1. What sandwich represents your personality?
2. What colour toothbrush do you have and why?
3. Which celebrities, dead or alive, would you like to be your parents?
4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
5. Where is the weirdest place you have a freckle?
6. What body part do you wash first?
7. Finish this sentence. Boys are…
8. Let’s say hypothetically you could either never wash your bath towel OR your bed sheets for the rest of your life. What would you choose?
9. Do you have any strange phobias?
10. Do you want to bring sexy back?
11. What are your must have items for this Winter?

We think that pretty much sums us up!

Happy blogging,

The Tall and the Short of It


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