I Believe I Can Fly

The weather is turning on us this week so we’ve pulled out the parka and knits in preparation. Transeasonal dressing can be a hard one to master. It’s the art of balancing an icy gust of wind and scattered cloud cover with a hot sun. You need to be warm without looking like you’re going to Sochi. In comes the sheer trend. A long-sleeved sheer piece is a good way to combat erratic, bipolar weather. You get coverage but still an element of lightness. It’s also a little bit smexy. Just not in these pictures…
_DSC3962 _DSC3965 _DSC3966 _DSC3968 _DSC3983 _DSC3977 _DSC4002

Steph: SABA knit, well loved skirt (tags fallen off), Wittner heels.
Ashleigh: Sportsgirl parka, T by Alexander Wang shirt, SABA tuxedo pants, SABA loafers.
Photography: Adrian Lagniton

The Tall and the Short


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