Horsing Around

Hay guys! We were bored this week so we trotted down to the Como Stables for an impromptu shoot. Steph had to rein in her excitement from getting to show off her pug shirt. I told her it was lame just to stirrup her emotions. After a brief altercation which made us both rather horse I had to foald. Lets just say we weren’t there furlong after that.

_DSC3827 _DSC3813 _DSC3846 _DSC3849 _DSC3853 _DSC3859 _DSC3861
Ashleigh: Gorman jacket, SABA t-shirt, ASOS skirt, Tony Bianco wedges, SABA necklace
Steph: SABA tuxedo jacket, Pug tee from eBay, SABA trousers, Tony Bianco heels
Photography: Adrian Lagniton

Sorry if we took that a bit far.

The Tall and The Short


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