Style Icon – Miroslava Duma

Pint-sized fashion consultant Miroslava is one quarter of a troupe of glamourous it-girls donned the “Russian Mafia.” The only thing they’re hitting is the front row of fashion week & any appearance worthy events. Doing wonders for the recent fashion revolution within Russia, she can be seen fraternising with all of the big wigs from the industry proving that good things do indeed come in small packages.


Things I love about Miroslava:

  1. First and foremost, she’s doing wonders for the reputation of us little ones within the fashion industry. It’s not easy to be a shorty and still look farbulous next to a towering model.
  2. She manages to nail the line between not-sure-what-gender-you-are-tomboy & you-look-like-a-toilet-cosy-princess with every outfit she pulls together.
  3. None of her outfits are too contrived, they work together effortlessly. She is fashion forward without the envoking open mouthed stares of “what the f*** are you wearing?”
  4. Flat shoes do not exist within her vocabulary. Another relatable attribute.
  5. We have a shared understanding of the elegance a simple, yet often neglected, point heel can lend to an outfit. Your shoes really don’t need to have a million bells and whistles and if they do, they’re probably not shoes.
  6. She is elegant as sh**! Her outfits scream sexy without showing too much skin.



Lezbehonest, the lady seriously knows how to rock a pant suit.




The Short



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