Man, I Feel Like A Woman


I don’t know about you but I’m a big believer in dressing for no-one but yourself. You’ll be your most confident, amazing self when you feel like you, not when you try something that doesn’t feel just right just to impress another. This attitude to dressing gives you free reign to be who you want. But with so much freedom, there comes a choice. Do I dress like a man or a woman today? Now calm yourselves, I’m not a cross dresser. Stay with me.

Dressing in a masculine way can sometimes be equally as empowering as dressing ultra feminine. Man style dressing implies a certain nonchalance that can be lost in the cliche of being feminine. I’m not saying you need to go out and buy a suit and tie and give that full skirt to charity. I just think you can redefine femininity by incorporating a menswear aesthetic into your dressing.

Let’s assess the spectrum.


There are so many different levels you can take your style to in regards to this trend. You can completely ignore it, take cues from both sides, or wholeheartedly embrace it. Either way, you’re sure to garner some level of cool. However which take is best? I know from experience that going full throttle is by far the most comfortable. Flat shoes, baggy trousers, oversized shirts. Nothing clinging to you, nothing digging in, the soles of your feet smiling up at you. You achieve that effortlessly cool look whilst being comfortable and not being objectified by men because they can’t see nothing (suckers!). You can just go about your business feeling awesome.


But then some days I just want to sashay around in a flowing skirt without a care in the world and embrace being a woman, wearing lace, floral prints, heels, makeup, you name it. You’ll feel pretty on these days and you will attract attention because you look so god damn beautiful! Now there’s nothing wrong with that. But not everyday calls for this amount of joyousness. I know that sounds pessimistic but lets be real. Some days you need to wear the pants.


Then last but not least there is that marvellous in between. You’ll leave both your female and male counterparts thinking how she do dat?! Your man friends won’t know what hit them. They’ll get confused because they’ll be thinking, damn she looks fine but she’s not wearing a body con dress and if there’s no body con then that’s not sexy but somehow it is… See? How she do dat. I think the in between stage is when you’ll feel your most fierce because you get the satisfaction from feeling like a man and a woman all at once. Confidence, elegance, power and coolness. A sure fire combination to success.


Maybe, it just depends on the day. But wear it because you want to. Not because you think you need to. Trust me. You’ll start feeling more and more like you every day of the week and there is nothing more empowering than that. Apart from a Beyonce track.


The Tall

Image sources: Paris Vogue, Tommy Ton for, The Sartorialist, Candice Lake, Vogue Australia


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