Get Striped

We are more about making a subtle statement than waving signs around and screaming at the top our lungs – unless Ash is at the footy, and then that’s a different story. Don’t feel that you have to dress like Anna Dello Russo to stand out. The addition of a detail as simple as a stripe can be just what you need to take your look from bland to bam. You don’t always need bold prints and striking colour to shake things up. If you’re like us and prefer a minimal look, stripes will be the perfect compliment to all your basics.

_DSC3896 _DSC3892 _DSC3888 _DSC3902 _DSC3905_DSC3911

Ashleigh: SABA Boyfriend Blazer, SABA Boyfriend Tee, Alice in the Eve Skirt, Willow Shoes.
Steph: SABA Bomber Jacket, SABA Tank, Bardot Denim Skirt, Wittner Heels.
Adrian Lagniton


The Tall and the Short


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