Royal Botanic Runway

Last night we were lucky enough to attend the Royal Botanic Runway at the, you guessed it, Royal Botanic Gardens. Guilfoyle’s Volcano which you will see featured is some of the images below is a stunning piece of design and was the perfect setting for the event. The combination of the natural environment and luxury design produced an effortless result that left us feeling at ease. There was a serenity and stillness that made the evening truly memorable. That and the burning sun on our backs. We got some equally exquisite tan lines. The best part about it was that it was for a great cause, raising funding to give the Gardens a sustainable water supply. Kudos to that.

We loved Martin Grant’s collection, mostly because there were skirts so full Steph could have hidden under them. Akira and Collette Dinnigan showed some colour which looked amazing in the natural surroundings. We mostly enjoyed listening to Aurelio Costarella’s collection, hear those sequins jingle! The set up of the runway meant we were able to see the clothes extremely close up so you could see the careful construction and fabrication that had gone into each garment. It really made it a celebration of everything fashion and nature have to offer. Enjoy!










The Tall and The Short


Images by Stephanie 


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