Style Icon – Leandra Medine

This is the first post of many in what we have very creatively called our Style Icon Series. Every week we will share with you a very stylish woman who inspires our personal style, shapes our perspectives on fashion or whoever we think is just damn awesome. In doing this we hope to show you where we source our inspiration and ideas and give you a little stimulus for your own styling too.

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We kick off the series with one of our favourites, Leandra Medine, the genius behind The Man Repeller. It feels like the reasons we love Miss Medine are endless and to pick a few of our favourite looks has been an arduous task. We carry on.

Leandra’s awesomeness in a list:

  • She’s not afraid to be herself. Nor is she a sell out. She just does her thang, and does it well. Dare we say the next generations Beyonce? Ok there is no next generation Beyonce because there is and will only be one Beyonce, but if fashion had a Beyonce, Leandra would be it. Except, the anti-Beyonce because Beyonce is the sexiest woman alive and Leandra is THE Man Repeller, so she would seduce you with her goofy grin and overalls, not her bootylicious behind.
  • She will happily wear the same garment multiple times *gasp!* and make it look equally as awesome every time. For example, you’ll see in our slideshow at the conclusion of the post a certain Stella McCartney boyfriend blazer several times. And you know what this tells you? She’s just one of us!
  • And finally, who can go past her light-hearted take on fashion. It’s only fAsHuN darling! And it needn’t be so serious. It’s all about the fun.

Now onto some of our favourite man repelling looks.

The lady sure does know how to rock a shirt, and with diaper shorts of all things. By pairing these statement shorts with simple, understated pieces, it makes them the hero but also balances the warped proportion of them. We also love the combination of teal green with the subtle baby pink accessories.
If you’re going to go short, it’s always best to opt for a boxy shape over a bodycon style to avoid the street-walkeresque look. Leandra nails it by adding some killer accessories to finish the look. This looks shows us that sometimes, simple is best and less is more.
AFashion Population_Paris Fshion Week_Spring Summer 2013_Street Style_Leandra Medine_The Man RepellerThe short suit is a hard one to pull off without looking like a little school boy, but Leandra does so effortlessly by pairing it with the humble and sometimes overlooked basic tee. The addition of an edgy black boot also acts to add a masculine touch that contrasts wonderfully with the femininity of the pink.
Potentially one of our favorite skirt styles, the full midi. We really can’t get enough of this silhouette. It’s so simple but makes a statement all on its own. And the pink shoes are just the cherry on top. Don’t fear clashing colours!
The combination of denim cut-offs and crop tops is without a doubt one of our most hated combinations, so if you must do it, this is the way to go. This look is a fun way to play with the sheer trend and the addition of a sexy, feminine shoe (as opposed to the dreaded flatform) adds a level of sophistication.

And here’s a few more. Deal with it.

Well, we’d love to stay and chat but we really moustache.

Until next time,
The Tall and the Short

P.S. Don’t know who we’re talking about? Shame on you. Here’s a great post to pop your Man Repeller cherry.


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