You Know You Want Me

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I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet” – Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes you have those days where you wake up thinking “I want to – nay, need to – buy something”. You have no idea how or why and it doesn’t matter what it is or how much it is, you just need that bored looking sales assistant to take your money in exchange for that tissue paper wrapped (or shoe boxed – choose your poison) slice of heaven. You tear around the shopping centre furiously looking for something worthy enough of your hard earned dollars, until BAM! You spot it. You know it must be true love. You’ve never seen something so heavily covered in fur that couldn’t equate to happiness.

It might not fit to perfection, but the little man sitting on your shoulder rationalizes with you that you will eventually get it tailored. You wont. You could make like gazillions of outfits out of it. You can’t. It’s appropriate for tonnes of different occasions! It isn’t. This item is going to make me a better person for having owned such item. It doesn’t.

Then the realisation sinks in. The money is gone and it’s never coming back. It’s about as dead to you as that old braided leather tassel belt you used to have in the 90s. All you’re left with is fond memories and your one hit wonder. The visions of you and your friends riding off into the sunsets of Tahiti on dolphins slowly fade as you rock quietly in your room wearing nothing but your new obnoxiously overpriced fur vest.

This is sadly a regular occurrence within my life. Whilst all my friends are travelling and skydiving, I’m collecting shoes. I digress.

If you intend on getting the most out of your hard earned dollars, here are some things to keep in mind whilst shopping:

  1. Our imaginary BFF Leandra sticks to a 3 outfit rule: if you can’t make at least three outfits out of said item, don’t go there.
  2. Think of cost per wear. If you can’t wear it in multiple ways how often will you really wear it and will you get your moneys worth?
  3. Make a list – physical or mental – of things you actually need and take it with you shopping. This way you actually build the wardrobe you want instead of wasting away on pointless things you don’t need or already have.
  4. When you find that fur vest take a good hard look at it. Ask yourself, does it really fit my personal style? If you think it will look awesome with your apple bottom jeans and boots with the fuurrrr then go for it. If you’re more of a trouser and ballet flats kind of girl, think again.
  5. Think of the seasons. If it’s a transeasonal item, chances are you’ll get the wear. If it’s not, make sure you need it.

So really the lesson is, even in the heat of the moment, always be strong and think about it. If only I could take my own advice.


The Short

What is your biggest impulse shopping regret? Leave a comment and we’ll share in each others woes. 

Image by Craig McDean via W Magazine


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