Dress Like Nobody’s Watching


Yes, we know the time for making resolutions has passed, but we’ve never been ones to follow a crowd. We’ve decided to free ourselves from the fashion shackles of society and we think that you should too.

Repeat after me. “I will wear whatever the hell I want and I will wear it with pride.”

Get ready everyday like you’re going to run into your ex. Mine lives a mere two blocks away so I may be a little more obliged to follow this rule than the rest of you, but the concept still applies.

Just because you’re not traipsing around New York, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock mules and a tutu (here’s looking at you Ms. Bradshaw). Use your imagination and just go with it. Don’t reserve your sequins for a night out, strut them in the supermarket. Surprise your dentist with those super chic palazzo pants you just purchased! And remember, when in doubt just ask yourself, what would Beyoncé do?

She’d totally wear Givenchy to the dentist.

The Short a.k.a. Stephanie

Image via Vogue Nippon


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