Grey Days

texture moodboard

Look at the picture. Now back at me. Now back at the picture. Now back at me.

It’s not winter I hear you saying. Well, I know that. At least I thought I did until Melbourne hit us with a couple of icy, windy days. Nonetheless this weather got me thinking about layering. The trick to layering is texture. Knits, tweeds, suede, leather, all together now. Adding texture is also the perfect way to add an edge to a monochromatic look (take notes from the guy in the top right hand corner). Who would have thought one could pull off grey on grey on grey on grey? I would have made a bet but no-one offered.

Melbournites we’ve got one more day of winter tomorrow before the sun comes our way and its back to short shorts and crop tops. That was a joke. We don’t play that kind of game around here. But more on that later.

For now, just layer up.

Image Sources: thesartorialist, jakandjil, streetfsn


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